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Case–Diesel Reefer Unit for Large Truck With 31 Cubic Meters Cargo Box

Date: 2022-03-03
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The customer runs a farm in South America, and he has more than 100 trucks that are used to transport fresh meat. The customer installed Carrier’s units before. Due to the expansion of the business, he bought a new batch of refrigerated trucks, so the customer asked us about the refrigeration units.


One of the trucks of the customer needs to install a diesel unit. The truck has a 31 cubic meters cargo box, and the temperature needs to be -6 degrees and 20F. So we recommended Kingclima Super1000 diesel unit for the customer.


Super1000 diesel unit uses R404a refrigerant, when the temperature is 0℃, road cooling capacity is 8250w, and standby cooling capacity is 6820w.


Super 1000 diesel unit uses Bock FK390 compressor,  and Auto defrost(hot gas defrost)& manual defrost function, it uses Perkins/UK engine, which is Small volume, large power, low consumption, stable performance, the fans all imported from Italy Spal, and the expansion valve is from Danfoss.



Our super 1000 diesel unit can be used for 35-55 cubic meter trucks, so if the customer wants to replace the truck with a bigger one, the refrigeration unit can be used all the time, and we provide the customer with a one-year warranty.

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