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5 Alternative Uses for Refrigerated Trucks

Date: 2022-11-17
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Many people think that refrigerated trucks can only transport food. But, refrigerated trucks are highly adaptable, making them an excellent investment for businesses looking for a reliable way to deliver a wide variety of goods. They can be used to deliver almost any product that requires specific conditions to avoid contamination or spoilage.


1. Bees

You may need to move hives from one location to another. When bees are transported by road, they are classified as livestock. These insects play an important role in our ecosystem.

Honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees are important pollinators. Insects carry pollen from one plant to another, fertilizing it so that it can produce fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other products.


2. Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are beautiful but fragile works of art that require freezing temperatures to maintain their shape. These temperature limits can easily cause problems if artwork needs to be moved without melting. Even at room temperature, only puddles remain, so it is necessary to prepare an air-conditioned storage space where the work can be stored.


3. Christmas Trees

Have you ever wondered where you can get a real Christmas tree in the United States? Importantly, seasonal evergreens are made to look beautiful and fresh from the time they are harvested at our tree farms to the time they arrive at your retail store or neighborhood lot. Without proper configuration, trees can lose their branches, leaving only large stumps.


4. Makeups

You may already have a refrigeration unit at home to store various beauty products. Proper refrigeration temperatures will keep your organic, preservative-free skincare, cosmetics, and beauty equipment in good condition. A temperature-controlled storage area keeps the product cool and refreshing when in contact with your skin.

The same scientific rationale that explains why cosmetics should be kept cold explains why the cosmetics industry ships some beauty products in refrigerated trucks. Heat can spill water, oil, and wax, impairing the functionality of beauty products.

Perfumes can deteriorate with oxidation, overexposure, and exposure to sunlight. Organic materials in cosmetics can be more sensitive to high temperatures due to the infestation of dangerous bacteria due to the lack of preservatives. Refrigerated trucks, on the other hand, solve these problems because they are cool and protected from direct sunlight.


5. Pharmaceuticals

Reliable, refrigerated transportation for the safe delivery of critical medical supplies such as immunizations has become increasingly important in recent years. However, the delivery of medicines, vaccines, and certain medicines must be secured over the long term, as traffic delays and severe weather cannot be predicted. To minimize spoilage, the temperature inside the cabin must be kept low.

When transporting pharmaceuticals, be aware that excessive heat or cold can damage the cargo. Vaccines are highly sensitive to temperature changes, with varying degrees of sensitivity depending on the drug administered. Pharmaceuticals are typically transported at temperatures between +2°C and +8°C.


Owning our own refrigerated truck has made it easier to ship and store products. With your own track, you do not rely on any forwarding service. Plus, you have full control over how your product is handled to keep it safe from spoilage, cross-contamination, natural wilt, and more. You can pick up and receive your goods on your own schedule without relying on other carriers’ schedules. Of course, this benefits you, but you can also provide excellent customer service by meeting customer deadlines.

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