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Latest Cold Box Solution for an American Farm Owner

Date: 2022-06-24
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Karl has a farm in Southern America. He has a refrigerated truck to transport produce from the farm. But the Isuzu 5-ton truck is way too large for some short distant transport, so he decided to find a new cooling solution, which should be more flexible, more cost-effective, and more convenient.

After searching the internet, he found us on Facebook and was attracted by our removable transfer box. This cold box is made of color steel, FRP, CFRT, and plastic. And is insulated with polyurethane foam or XPS, VIP. Users can fix it in any type of vehicle like a truck, pickup, van, tricycle, etc. Also, it can be stacked up as small cold storage rooms. Driven by electricity, it is maneuverable and eco-friendly.


Karl bought one piece as a trial order. When installed the box inside a cargo van by himself, he found that Kingclima cold box is exactly what he want. It is flexible and versatile and can fulfill all the transport requirements on his farm. So Karl recommended the cold box to his farmer friends and spoke highly about Kingclima cold box.

As more and more of his friends show interest in the cold box, Karl decided to become an exclusive dealer of Kingclima cold box. Now he has held several advance orders, and is looking forward to more of our cold box.



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