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Cooling Solution for Ford Ranger Vans–Integrated Battery-Powered Cooler Units

Date: 2022-03-03
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The customer has a farm in South America, and he has more than 100 trucks are used to transport fresh meat products. The customers have bought 4 sets of K-260 truck refrigeration units from us in the last year.


Now he bought another two Ford Ranger vans, the van has about 9m³, and the requested temperature is 0℃, as the van has no place to install the compressor, so the van can not be installed engine drive unit, the van can only install electric refrigeration units.


After we confirmed all information with the customer, we recommend our model K-200E integrated battery-powered cooler unit.


K-200E is DC48V, and we equipped it with an extra battery, we made the battery inside of the condenser, so it is very easy to install.


Besides the battery, we also equipped K-200E refrigeration units with chargers, and the charger can connect to the AC power when the car is parked.


This refrigeration solution perfectly solves all the customer’s problems, the customer is very satisfied with it, and will continue to purchase in the future.

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