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Truck Refrigeration Unit for Fresh Meat Transport–Cooling Solution for South American Customer

Date: 2022-03-03
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The customer has a farm in South America, and he has more than 100 trucks are used to transport fresh meat products. The customer has bought 4 sets of K-260 truck refrigeration units from us in the last year, he is very satisfied with the K-260 cooler units after he tested them, so he wants to buy more.


He bought 2 sets of K-260 refrigeration units and 1 set K-360 cooler unit this time, K-260 is a cooling system designed for the transportation of fresh or frozen goods in small vans with a container volume of 5-8m³, and K-360 transport refrigeration units are vehicle engine-driven units, front-mounted and apply for 8 ~ 10m³ small and medium-sized refrigerated truck bodies.



K-260 truck refrigeration units and K-360 reefer unit all have

multi-function controller with a microprocessor control system,

Extra-flat evaporator with inner grooved copper tube; micro-channel parallel flow condenser Digital display: temperature in ℃ or ℉; return air; configuration parameters and alarms

Safety devices: low and high refrigerant pressure protection; thermal protection


We also equipped K-260 cooling system with standby function, we can make AC110v/220v according to customer’s request, so the customer can connect the unit to AC power when the truck is parked and the cooling system can be still used.



We also have many other kinds of refrigeration units for trucks,  vans,  pickup trucks,  tricycles and we also customized cold boxes for vehicles, we welcome customers to consult us for the transport refrigeration solution.

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