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Truck Refrigeration Units For Chicken|Refrigerated Truck|Truck Refrigeration Units System

Date: 2023-05-10
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For users in the poultry industry, using professional poultry refrigerated trucks for transportation is the best way to improve business efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

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Features of refrigerated truck:
(1) The box body is manufactured by a vacuum adsorption and hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, sandwich composite bonding, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard.
(2) The inner and outer wall panels are made of domestic high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastics (no light absorption, good heat insulation, strong hardness, and anti-oxidation); the middle is a polyurethane insulation layer, and the insulation effect reaches the national A-level standard; the thickness of the body is 8CM, the floor is made of aluminum checker plate, and the door edge is made of labyrinth rubber sealing strip.
(3) Aluminum alloy edging around the body, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, stainless steel door frames and hinges.

(4) The refrigerated truck body adopts the thermal insulation box materials, which ensures that the constant temperature in the truck body is not affected by the external climate change.
(5) Shelves and foldable shelves are installed on both sides of the refrigereated truck body in the compartment to reduce the stacking height of the chick boxes and avoid the stacking of the chicks.
(6) The front panel of the box has sliding windows and waterproof shutters. It can control fresh air to enter the compartment through the air duct, avoid drafts, ensure the temperature inside the compartment, and improve the survival rate of the chicks.
(7) The left and right side panels of the car are equipped with multiple ventilation windows with mesh panels according to the length of the car body, and the roof and tailgate are equipped with electronic exhaust fans to avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas.
(8) Good thermal insulation performance, beautiful appearance, light overall weight, high strength, no leakage, good impact resistance of the compartment plate, good corrosion resistance and aging resistance to the atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt etc.

The truck refrigeration units system is installed inside the box, which can keep the box cool and ventilated in hot summer, and keep the temperature inside the box at a constant temperature adapted to the chicks in cold winter. The purpose of truck refrigeratuion units is to ensure the air circulation in the cabin by ensuring that the cabin can reach a constant temperature.

Advantages of truck refrigeration units system:
(1) During transportation, the temperature range of truck refrigerators can reach minus 25 degrees, which improves the survival rate of chicks during transportation.
(2) The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and it is more reliable in the process of refrigeration.
(3) Low energy consumption, large cooling capacity, low noise, and more convenient installation and maintenance.
(4) Large cooling capacity to ensure the safety of transported goods.
(5) Exhaust with large air volume to ensure the freshness of goods.
(6) Special defrosting system, more thorough defrosting.
(7) Complete computer control, easy and safe operation.
(8) Quick installation and easy maintenance, save operation cost.

Chicken seed refrigerated truck has the relevant characteristics of rainproof, sunproof, dustproof, anti-theft, environmental protection, high transportation efficiency, ventilation, environmental protection, heat preservation and large loading capacity. The truck body has high strength, light weight and good heat insulation effect. The hot and cold air can be used alternately, which can effectively control the temperature within the range of physiological needs of chicks, and greatly improve the survival rate of chicks during transportation. It is an ideal transportation tool for your transportation business.

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