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How to Prolong the Life of Your Truck Refrigeration Unit?

Date: 2022-09-15
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1. Check and maintain the truck’s refrigeration system regularly.


The heart of cold chain logistics is the refrigeration unit. The operating parameters of the freezing unit have a direct impact on the safety and efficiency of temperature-sensitive cargo, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. It’s not difficult to do routine maintenance, but it can be tedious and uninteresting work. On the one hand, regular maintenance and quick checks can help prevent expensive losses due to equipment failure or cargo damage. On the other hand, doing nothing can lead to more costly problems down the road. Here are some tips to keep your truck’s freezing system working properly. Maintain your refrigeration system regularly.


It is important to regularly inspect the battery, starter, and alternator on a truck reefer unit. The frequency of pauses and starts made by your truck refrigeration unit can have an impact on how long these three components last because they are used often and degrade quickly. If you’re looking to keep your truck’s refrigeration unit in good working order, you can install a standby system in addition to routine inspection and maintenance.


Pay careful attention to small things like filters, fuels, and air intake. To make sure the cooling system is running smoothly, test it frequently. Delivery issues could be related to cracks in the gasoline tank, filter, or box body. These are all easy to overlook, so it’s possible that a problem has developed. Also, check your hardware regularly. Additionally, even common defects in the tires, doors and other accessories can be dangerous. To make sure that breakdowns don’t occur while driving and that deliveries are not delayed by small issues, always check your truck’s freezing unit.



2. Keep your vehicles running in good condition.


The condition of your vehicle is essential to the efficient use of refrigerators, regardless of the type of refrigerator you use. It is important that your car is immaculate inside and out. To make sure your deliveries go smoothly, check your batteries, filters, pipelines, and truck reefer unit often. To make sure that your cargo isn’t polluted, the inner wall should be cleaned frequently.



3. Precool your cargo box before loading.


Before loading your cargo, precool the box to ensure a stable ride during transport. In order for the product to maintain its life after harvest and reduce the effect of aging on its marketability, pre-cooling is essential. Precooling your truck’s refrigeration unit will help to maintain the freshness of your cargo.


Precooling is an important step in the transportation of cold goods. Both cargoes and boxes must be cooled before uploading. Precooling preserves the freshness of cargo that is sensitive to temperature changes while reducing the field heat generated during transport. For boxes, pre-cooling can pre-maintain the right temperature for perishable items and improve delivery efficiency. Without precooling, your truck refrigeration unit may consume more energy, increasing your costs and reducing your profits. In the event of a worst-case scenario, your temperature-sensitive goods could be damaged irreparably. These delicate, perishable items can’t be immediately cooled. Therefore, make sure you are prepared for when you are delivering a particular cargo.



4. Loading and unloading cargoes in the right way.


Charge and discharge charges correctly. Before downloading and unloading, please check to see if the cold air is leaking. After that, move things as quickly as you can to avoid having heated current escape from your box. There is a more reliable and efficient alternative to installing a standby system in your truck reefer unit or a refrigeration unit that already has one built in. A truck reefer unit with an integrated standby system may run independently and on its own power, conserving energy and money while parked or uploading and unloading. This enhances the effectiveness and safety of your deliveries.


5. Install a high-quality truck reefer unit.


I would recommend installing a high-quality truck refrigeration unit. The refrigerated truck market is booming, but the products are of different quality. If you’re looking for a safe and efficient reefer unit for your truck, you’ll want to consider a high-quality model. This will help to keep your car from getting damaged by inferior products.


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