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truck reefer unit

Kingclima has been devoted to truck refrigeration manufacture since 2002. Through 20 years of development, we are now grown into a mature source supplier that has 6 production lines and more than 50 types of transport refrigeration units for trucks, vans, and trailers. Being the source factory, we can offer customized truck refrigeration units, giving you a perfect cooling solution.
Kingclima transportation refrigeration units have been exported to the world.
Super 1000 Diesel Refrigeration Unit for Sale
Super 1000 Diesel Refrigeration Unit for Sale
  Kingclima KTD-1000 is diesel powered truck refrigeration units for sale and evaporator front mounted, it is especially designed for 35-50m³refrigerated truck bodies. No matter what kind of products you transport. Its cooling capacity is up to 7150W/24400Btu at 0℃. Its standby cooling capacity is up to 6240W/21300Btu at 0℃. Customers can choose vehicle engine powered model or standby system model. It is not save transport cost, but also it is eco-friendly.   2.Features: ● Perkins engine, low noise, low emission, low vibration and low life cycle cost. ● Easy to maintai
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Exported to Senegal multi-temperature refrigerated truck body
Exported to Senegal multi-temperature refrigerated truck body
  The Senegalese customer is a local vehicle conversion company specialized in refrigerated body.He purchased refrigerated truck based on JMC Carrying plus (Wide version). It will be about 100 to 150 units a year. What we recommend to him is our Multi-temperature refrigerated truck body(50% preservation and 50% refrigeration), The structural features of our cabinet are as follows:   1) Structure: fiberglass+PU+fiberglass. 2) The Floor is 100mm thick sandwitch panel; other panels are 80mm thick. 3) The Insulation Layer is a kind of new type foam - with virtually ze
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Kingclima truck reefer unit K-460 was exported to Southeast Asia
Kingclima truck reefer unit K-460 was exported to Southeast Asia

Customers come from Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is located near the equator, with low latitude, hot all year round, and the annual temperature is between 25℃-30℃. The customer purchases the K-460 truck refrigeration unit to transport red wine. The temperature requirement is 21°C.

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Kingclima Truck Reefer Unit was Exported to Maldives
Kingclima Truck Reefer Unit was Exported to Maldives
  The customer is from the Maldives and is engaged in fish and seafood transportation. The customer's truck is 9 square meters and the temperature requirement is 0 degrees. Used to transport live fish.   What we recommend to our customers is our smallest direct drive chiller unit K-260C chiller unit, R134A refrigerant, cooling capacity 1700W, the temperature inside the box can reach -5℃ ~ +15℃. DC12V/24V is optional. For of 5~10m³trucks box.   The K-260C unit also has the following characteristics: -Multi-function controller with microprocessor control system
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Kingclima K-260 truck reefer unit has been exported to North America
Kingclima K-260 truck reefer unit has been exported to North America
  The customer runs a chicken farm. The customer has 30 large trucks and 8 small trucks. This time the customer wants to purchase a unit for 8 small trucks. The customer’s small truck is 2.5m, and the body has 8 square meters. The temperature requirement is 0℃, used to transport fresh chicken.   According to customer requirements, we recommend our direct drive K-260 unit. This unit has a cooling capacity of 2015W and is suitable for 5-10m³ meters.   This unit also has the following characteristics: Multi-function controller with microprocessor control sys
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Electric Standby Cooling Solutions for Lasting Refrigerating Cargoes when Truck Stops for Kuwait Customer
Electric Standby Cooling Solutions for Lasting Refrigerating Cargoes when Truck Stops for Kuwait Customer
  Recently, we export our K-360RS rooftop standby refrigeration units for his small truck that realize the continuous refrigerating cargoes when truck stops. This solution also get our customer good feedback!   We use our K-360RS truck reefer unit, which is engine driven unit with electric standby system solution export to Kuwait customer for food cargoes temperature-controlled delivery.   Solutions to Make Your Refrigerated Trucks Continuous Refrigerating   If your truck is engine drive, generally only road truck refrigeration units are ok when you
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Model Compare

transport refrigeration unit

Model Application Temperature Range Voltage Driven Type
K-260 6-11m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven
K-260RS 6-11m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven with electric standby
K-360 10-16m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven
K-360S 12-16m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven with electric standby
K-360RS 12-16m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven with electric standby
K-460 16-22m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven
K-560 22-30m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven
K-560S 18-24m³ -18℃~ +25℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven with electric standby
K-660 20-25m³ -20℃ ~ +30℃ DC12V/DC24V Truck engine driven
Super 800 25-35m³ -25℃ ~ +30℃ DC12V Diesel engine driven with electric standby
Super 1000 35-55m³ -25℃ ~ +30℃ 12V Diesel engine driven with electric standby
Super 1200 50-60 m³ -25℃ ~ +30℃ DC12V Diesel engine driven with electric standby


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Truck Refrigeration Unit

How to Choose Truck Refrigeration Units

In recent years the development of cold chain logistics is rapid, and refrigerated vehicles and cold chain transport are a very important link, so for the use of refrigerated vehicles to get a very high promotion, the composition of refrigerated vehicles mainly by the chassis, top-loading compartment, refrigeration unit of these three parts. Before buying a refrigerated unit, many of us will have this problem, that is, how to choose the refrigeration unit? The following with Kingclima to learn more about it!


1. The vehicle refrigeration unit is generally divided into an independent refrigeration unit and a non-independent refrigeration unit.


An Independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source, can work independently, not subject to the restrictions of the engine working state; a non-independent refrigeration unit is the unit itself that does not have a power unit, can not work alone, must rely on the engine to drive the compressor.


2. According to the carriage length to choose.


The size of the refrigerated compartment body is different, so choose an independent refrigeration unit or a non-independent refrigeration unit. Refrigerated trucks with a compartment body of fewer than 6 meters and a cargo volume of 4-31 cubic meters mostly choose non-independent units. Box 6 meters above the refrigerated car more independent unit; according to the different vehicles, such as trucks, trailers choose independent refrigeration units are also different, trucks more medium-sized independent refrigeration units; semi-trailers more large refrigeration units, which is our common arrangement in front of the trailer refrigeration units. Drivers need to choose according to the requirements of their different goods flexible, after all, suitable for their own is the best.


3. According to the temperature requirements of the goods transported to choose.


Different goods for the temperature requirements and different, and the corresponding power of the refrigeration machine and different. For example, the distribution of ice cream and other frozen food generally requires a low temperature of minus 18 degrees, the transport of cold meat requires minus 5 degrees, and different fresh fruits and vegetables require different temperatures.


Especially for the transport temperature has special requirements for vaccines, drugs cold chain transport. Therefore, according to the temperature requirements of the goods to choose a deep-cooling unit or fresh unit, in addition to some goods in the transport process requires refrigeration units have defrosting function, this point should also understand clearly when choosing.


4. According to the transport mileage to choose.


Transport mileage for the type of refrigeration machine also has requirements, non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable for the town part of the short-haul transport, short distance cost is lower, and this and the second according to the length of the carriage to choose a truck refrigeration unit to match, short-haul transport in the town is also basically less than 6 meters carriage use more. For long-distance transport, an independent refrigeration unit is more suitable, even if the engine stops working when loading and unloading rest, the refrigeration unit can also work normally.


5. What is the best brand of truck refrigeration unit?


The brand is also one of the key concerns of the refrigeration unit we usually choose, after all, the brand represents the quality to a certain extent.

Thermo King and Carrier are no doubt the benchmark of the industry and are the first choice for many drivers because of their professional service and stable performance. In the same time, the high price has scared many people away. When you do not enough budget for a truck refrigeration unit with a prohibitive price, Kingclima could be your perfect choice. At a relatively low price, the Kingclima truck refrigeration unit has the same quality as Thermo King’s. Kingclima also provides life-long professional service and a super long warranty.

In general, no matter what aspects of consideration to choose a truck refrigeration unit, we still need to consider a variety of aspects to find a suitable for their own working conditions, the type of goods truck refrigeration unit.

truck refrigeration unit for sale.jpg

What’s the Difference Between Independent Truck Reefer Unit and Non-independent Truck Reefer Unit

Truck refrigeration units can be divided into Independent units and non-independent units according to the driven style. Independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit  itself has an independent power source, and can work independently from vehicle engine. Generally speaking, independent refrigeration units are one-piece in structures.


Non-independent refrigeration unit, on the contrary, is not able to work independently, this kind of unit does not have power device, so they must rely on the car engine to drive the compressor.

vThe advantages and disadvantages of the combination of the independent refrigerator and non-independent refrigerator:

1. The advantage of  independent refrigeration unit: Stability and reliability, which is exactly what reefer rucks need the most because the independent refrigerator unit has a dependent power source, so when the reefer truck is parked or broken, the refrigeration unit can still work, so as to ensure that the goods inside the refrigerated car will not deteriorate.

The disadvantage of independent refrigeration unit: the disadvantage of independent refrigeration unit is expensive, and high maintenance. Due to the multipower system, the maintenance of an independent refrigeration unit is relatively complex and expensive.


2. Advantages of non-independent refrigeration unit: the advantages of non-independent refrigeration unit is cheap, simple structure, easy maintenance and maintenance.

Disadvantages of non-independent refrigeration unit: The disadvantage of non-independent refrigeration unit is that it relies totally on the power source of the vehicle.

If the car is turned off when loading or unloading, cold air may leak, and if the car encounters an engine failure, refrigeration unit will also stop working. However, this shortcoming can be compensated by the addition of parking system.

Why is the Cooling Effect of My Truck Refrigeration Unit Getting Worse?

Many cold chain transport participators would find that the cooling effect of their refrigeration unit dwindled after using the product for a period of time. When trying to figure out the fault, they will find no breakdown in the machine. So, what is the reason for the deterioration of the refrigeration effect of refrigerated trucks?

There are usually two reasons:

 First, loose pipes and leakage of refrigerant.The problem is not easy to detect but fatal, as a chronic disease to your refrigerated trucks. The refrigeration system of refrigerated trucks is different from refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold storage because the working environment of refrigerated trucks determines that the refrigeration system should always follow the movement of the vehicle. Long-term running of refrigerated trucks, especially under a bad road condition, which is full of bumps and jolts, will surely cause the loosening of various components, including pipelines. The result of the loosening is the leakage of the refrigerant, which leads to insufficient refrigeration capacity of the refrigerating machine, so it is inevitable that the refrigeration effect is getting worse and worse.

 The second reason is dirt.Many customers have never cleaned the inside of the refrigerated truck and the condenser. Many of us may clean the filter of home use AC once a year, and the same should go for the truck refrigeration system.

Remember to clean your cargo box and the condenser after loading and unloading. Many condensers are equipped with fans to dissipate heat. The consequence of not cleaning for a long time is that they are piled up with catkins, leaves, dust, etc. Over time, fatal problems could be incurred.

Regularly check whether the components and pipelines of the refrigeration system are loose, and clean the box and condenser to keep your refrigerated truck working in the best condition.



How to Choose A Suitable Truck Refrigeration Unit?

With the rapid development of online shopping and the emergence of online trade platforms,  it is convenient for drivers to make an overall comparison among several brands and different machine types when they are intending to buy a refrigeration unit for truck. But how can we choose a suitable reefer unit online efficiently? What kind of truck refrigeration unit is worth buying? Let Kingclima help you.


1. Get to Know Your Trucks and Cargoes

First of all, you need to know your car comprehensively. There are different types of truck reefer units in the market, some are expensive, some are cheap. And for different car types and car sizes, you need to choose refrigeration units with different capacities, the bigger your radius and car size is, the larger capacity you need. If you deliver fresh cargoes, then a reefer unit whose temperature ranges from -5℃ to 25℃ would be enough; But if your cargoes are frozen, choose a reefer unit who can cool your box to -18℃ to 25℃. Kingclima can customize truck refrigeration units for your specific needs and provide professional consultation for you to choose the most suitable truck refrigeration unit, making your delivery more simple and more efficient.


2. Set An Acceptable Budget

Secondly, you need to set an acceptable budget in your mind for there are so many truck reefer unit suppliers worldwide. The price of truck refrigeration units varies, but the expensive one is not always the right one, cost performance and quality is the first to consider. Kingclima is a professional reefer unit designer and maker. For over 15 years, we have dived into the R&D of truck refrigeration units. Our refrigeration units are as good as Thermo King's and Carrier's. We use the same components but sell the units at a lower price, so why costs more for the same things when you can get them at lower prices? Choose us, Kingclima truck refrigeration unit will never let you down.


3. Find A Reliable Supplier or Distributor

 Thirdly, it is very important to find a reliable supplier or distributor, only by this way you can get professional pre-sales and after-sales service. Professional sales service can not only help you choose the right reefer unit but also helps you maintain your reefer unit in the right way. Kingclima has a global distributor network, so we are able to offer you instant service. Being the leading manufacturer in truck reefer units, Kingclima is famous for its excellent performance, competitive price and professional service. Kingclima provides refrigeration units for trucks, vans, trailers, tricycles, etc. We can also customize refrigeration units in accordance with your demand. If you are interested in Kingclima or truck refrigeration units, please feel free to send an e-mail or leave a message, we are at your service all day long.





Technical Expert Teach You How to Maintain Truck Refrigeration Unit


Refrigeration unit is an important part of the refrigerated truck, its refrigeration effect and performance directly affects the quality of the refrigerated truck, different refrigeration units also lead to different prices of refrigerated trucks. Here, Chengli professional and technical personnel for you to give the best daily maintenance methods of refrigeration machine. The main maintenance of the refrigeration unit is from the following three aspects:

        First, refuel the truck refrigeration unit.

        1. Connect one end of the refueling pipe to the refueling valve at the inlet of the compressor, slightly open the refueling valve, use the pressure in the system to discharge the air in the refueling pipe, and insert the other end into the oil drum.

        2. Appropriately close the system refrigerant supply valve, and adjust the suction low

The pressure alarm setting should be adjusted to avoid stopping due to low pressure.

        3. When the suction pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, open the refueling valve, the oil will automatically enter the compressor.

        Second, to refrigerate the refrigerator of the refrigerated truck refrigeration unit refrigerant replenishment.

        1. Connect one end of the fluorine tube with the system fluorine port, and the other end with the fluorine bottle, and drive out the air inside the tube through the fluorine hose.

        2. Open the valve of the fluorine bottle first, and then open the valve of the fluorine filling port after confirming there is no leakage.

        3. The R23 system should face upward, while the R404A system should face downward to ensure rapid fluoridation.

        4. the end of fluoride, should first close the valve of the fluorine bottle, and then close the valve of the fluoride port

        Third, the refrigerator to the refrigerator unit of the refrigerator air release.

        1. high-temperature systems should be carried out in the parking, low-temperature systems are best in operation

        2. the specific operation should be careful, the silk plug do not open too large, and do not move away from the scene

        3. Air operation should be carried out several times, not too much air can be released at one time, so as not to release too much refrigerant.

       Refrigerated trucks prices are also affected by the refrigerated car manufacturers, the same refrigerated car different manufacturers produce refrigerated car prices are not the same, the impact is relatively small, refrigerated car manufacturers are relatively large scale cost to low, the factory refrigerated car prices have an advantage. Refrigerated car prices are also manually affected by the size of the market demand, demand high prices which is also a law; reefer prices are also affected by national policies and industry standards for refrigerated vehicles




Working Principle and Application Technology of Truck Refrigeration Unit





       Refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks can be divided into two types of non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units. Non-independent refrigeration units are generally designed for vans and small and medium trucks for low and medium-temperature applications. The independent refrigeration unit, on the other hand, is mostly used in large refrigerated trucks and semi-trailer refrigerated trucks, which are equipped with a secondary engine.

      The refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck is driven by the truck engine to run the compressor for cooling and defrosting. And according to the needs of users, the optional compressor is driven by an electric motor to run for cooling and defrosting (referred to as the power backup unit). The system consists of at least three separate components: condenser, evaporator, and compressor. The compressor is mounted on the truck engine and driven by it. Refrigeration hoses or pipes are used to connect the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and other components. The backup unit has an additional compressor and an electric motor and oil separator, etc., for power-driven operation. The engine compressor is driven by the engine via a belt. The power-driven compressor and the engine-driven compressor are connected in parallel. The power-driven compressor is driven by the motor belt. Both the refrigeration unit and the cab air conditioning compressor use the same refrigeration system circuit.

      A check valve separates the two compressors during operation. The operation of the compressors is controlled by a controller. The unit supplies power to the refrigerated truck compressor clutch during engine operation or to the starter motor, and to the compressor clutch during power-driven operation. The entire refrigeration system is protected by a pressure cut-off switch.

  Cleaning the refrigerated carriage helps to keep the carriage clean and stay out of odors. This should be well understood, refrigerated cars are somewhat similar to refrigerators, if you do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to have a strange smell. Refrigerated trucks are often loaded with different goods, especially fish, meat, etc., it is best to clean the carriage once after each delivery of goods.

  Another role is to prevent the refrigeration unit's evaporator fan will be impurities inhaled into the evaporator coil, thus reducing the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration unit, which is one of the reasons why the refrigerated truck with a few years after we will feel that the refrigeration effect is not as good as the beginning.



How to Maintain A Refrigerated Truck




A refrigerated truck is a special vehicle installed with a refrigeration unit. There are some facts that must be paid attention to before driving to prevent some unnecessary trouble on the way.


  1. Make sure that fuel or gasoline supply is sufficient to keep the engine running at least to the next checkpoint. At the same time, remember that do not over-fuel.


  1. Check refrigerated truck coolant to see if the coolant amount is correct, the pointer should be in the white range. If the level point is within the red range, you need to add coolant to the  Usually the coolant is a mixture of glycol and water (different ratios are used according to the actual situation where the product is used), and should provide protection to -34°C without freezing. Note: Do not open the lid of the coolant tank when the coolant is hot.


  1. Reefer battery terminals must be solid and free from corrosion. The electrolyte should be at the full mark.


  1. The belt must run in good condition and be adjusted to the proper expansion and tightness. Span the central 13mm sag between the pulleys.


  1. Check all electrical connectors in the control line to ensure that they are securely fixed. Wires and terminals should be free of corrosion, burn cracks or water.


  1. The condenser and evaporator of the refrigeration unit should be clean and free of dirt. Also, Cargo should not block the evaporator air outlet, so as to keep the cold air circulation smoothly in the cargo


Scientific maintenance can not only ensure the integrity of the refrigeration unit but also reduce operating costs. Kingclima offers reliable refrigeration units for all kinds of trucks, vans, and trailers. Our transport refrigeration units are low maintenance and high-efficient, choose Kingclima refrigeration units, invest for your success. We also provide free consultation and guidance, refrigeration unit experts are at your service all day long.




How to prolong the service time of your Reefer Units


Reefer truck as an important transport tool in the cold chain logistics industry, and the refrigeration unit is the heart of a refrigerated truck. The cost to change or repair a refrigeration unit is considerable. So how can we prolong the service time of a refrigeration unit and a refrigerated truck?


First, if the temperature of your cargo is too high or too low, please set the refrigeration unit to the necessary transport temperature, through a certain period of time the temperature of the goods down to or up to its necessary temperature. However, the fact is the opposite, not only the temperature of the goods do not come down (or up), but to damage or deteriorate the goods.

Refrigeration unit blowing cold air will make the temperature of the goods change, the goods will lose moisture, which will lead to changes in the quality of the goods, which will lead to a decline in the quality of the goods, shorten the storage period, and even the spoilage of goods.


Second, pre-cool the refrigerated truck.

Before loading, the carriage must first be pre-cooled or pre-heated for about 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, usually the temperature of the carriage is the temperature of the outside environment. Goods being put into the carriage, the carriage inside the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the transported goods, thus leading to changes in the quality of the transported goods, so the carriage must be pre-cooled to the necessary temperature before loading.


Third, the insulation of the refrigerated truck

A refrigerated car is not cold storage, but many people think that the refrigeration unit on the refrigerated car is free to freeze or refrigerate the goods inside the cargo box. In fact, the refrigerated vehicle is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, rather than to reduce the temperature of the goods.


Fourth, the refrigeration unit must be closed when loading and unloading.

The refrigeration unit must be closed when loading and unloading, many people don't close the door when loading and unloading, thinking that this can make the temperature of the goods rise more slowly, in fact, this is wrong.

If the refrigeration unit is on when the carriage door is opened, the fan of the evaporator of the refrigeration unit is working and will be cold air from the upper part of the carriage blowing out, and the lower part will be outside the hot air quickly sucked in, resulting in a rapid rise in the temperature of the carriage; if the machine is turned off and then loading and unloading goods, the fan will be in a stopped state, the airflow stops,  the wind pressure inside and outside the carriage is the same, the hot air outside.


Five, the placement of goods.

Cargo placement must be taken into account, the cold air circulation in the refrigerated carriage, the best goods can be stacked on the double-sided pallets, fresh goods pallets can not be wrapped in plastic film, the plastic film will block the circulation of cold air circulation to the goods, the best distance between the top of the carriage and the goods to stay more than 23cm.

The floor of the refrigerated truck generally has a groove that can be ventilated, but some do not, if not, use double-sided pallets to load the goods to ensure the flow of cold air at the bottom of the floor.

Cargo stacking can not be too high, not higher than the plane height of the air outlet. If the front of the air outlet is blocked by the goods or too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage temperature of the goods, but also the normal work of the refrigeration unit, which will affect the cold air circulation in the carriage and lead to the freezing of the goods near the vent, while the temperature of the goods elsewhere may be too high.

And refrigeration units are generally with air induction defrost design, the goods are too close to the vent, near the vent ice, the unit will quickly enter the defrost state, the temperature rises, defrost immediately ended, repeated this action, and the temperature in the car does not come down.

When transporting vegetables and fruits, we should pay more attention to the fact that vegetables and fruits will produce breathing heat, and if the circulation of cold air is not good, the temperature in the central part of the carriage will rise, which will lead to problems with the quality of the goods. Also, the upper goods which are closer to the air outlet should be covered with a cover cloth to protect them from frostbite.


Sixth, the interior of the car environmental health

Cleaning refrigerated carriage has two roles, one is to maintain the internal environmental health of the carriage, to prevent strange smells inside the carriage. This should be well understood, refrigerated cars are somewhat similar to refrigerators, if you do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to have a strange smell. Refrigerated trucks are often loaded with different goods, especially fish, meat, etc., it is best to clean the carriage once after each delivery of goods.

Another role is to prevent the refrigeration unit's evaporator fan will be impurities inhaled into the evaporator coil, thus reducing the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration unit, which is one of the reasons why the refrigerated truck with a few years after we will feel that the refrigeration effect is not as good as the beginning.



Why Install A Standby System for Your Truck?

Most of the refrigeration units are driven by vehicle engines. But the compressor of the refrigeration unit only runs when the vehicle engine is on; While refrigeration units with standby systems will turn on the second energy source as long as the engine is turned off or breakdown, which provides solutions for the emergency situation on the way of cold chain transport, and also makes cargoes more safe and fresh when loading and loading.

How the standby system consist of?

A standby system consists of a motor, an independent compressor, an external power line, a refrigerant pipeline. It is often installed beside the girder of a refrigerated truck, and can also be installed inside or up on the roof of the cargo box. Installation places differ from vehicle types.

What is the working principle of a standby system?

Use external power to drive the motor, and so as to make independent compressor work, providing circulating refrigerant for the refrigeration unit.  After installing the standby system, the refrigeration unit can run independently when the vehicle is parked, or during loading and unloading.

There are usually 2 types of vehicles that are suitable for the standby system.

First is refrigerated cars for medical transport. Standby systems are installed to cope with emergency breakdowns to protect the safety of medicines and other medical objects.

Second is refrigerated vehicles for long distant transport, whose length is usually above 7 meters, like large trucks, over-the-road trucks, etc. After being equipped with standby system, the refrigeration unit can work when parked and keep cargoes stay chilled or frozen.

As the top manufacturer of refrigeration units supplier,we can provide all kinds of refrigeration units, for trucks, vans, trailers and portable/mobile cooler boxes and mobile cooling room. Please email to, if you are ineterested to our refrigeration unit products,please let us know.
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