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Solution for Refrigerated Box

Kingclima devoted to the research and development of efficient cooling solutions for cold chain transport for 20 years. Sandwich panel refrigerated truck body is made of Polyurethane foam, 304 stainless steel, and fiberglass. Being thick and solid, keep your cargoes cool to – 30 degree. Can be used in trucks, trailers, vans and tricycles. Provide customized services for your specific needs.
Kingclima transportation refrigeration units have been exported to the world.
Hot sales One complete Set of Solution for Fridge Cooler Trailer From Kingclima
Hot sales One complete Set of Solution for Fridge Cooler Trailer From Kingclima
    Kingclima recently produces a complete cool trailer with cooling units to meet the requests from Africa, Australia and North America. The complete cool trailer likes one mobile fridge, it can be placed anywhere with small space, now we produce the freezer cooler with 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet length.     For cooling unit: Compare to Germany Govi and Kingtech refrigeration units, our cooler trailer cooling units are the same quality as them but with better price, we use imported EMBRACO compressor with big cooling capacity, and with 134a or R404a refri
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Exported to Senegal multi-temperature refrigerated truck body
Exported to Senegal multi-temperature refrigerated truck body
  The Senegalese customer is a local vehicle conversion company specialized in refrigerated body.He purchased refrigerated truck based on JMC Carrying plus (Wide version). It will be about 100 to 150 units a year. What we recommend to him is our Multi-temperature refrigerated truck body(50% preservation and 50% refrigeration), The structural features of our cabinet are as follows:   1) Structure: fiberglass+PU+fiberglass. 2) The Floor is 100mm thick sandwitch panel; other panels are 80mm thick. 3) The Insulation Layer is a kind of new type foam - with virtually ze
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How to solve the problem of short-distance cold chain transportation?
How to solve the problem of short-distance cold chain transportation?
   At present, the cold chain industry is still facing urgent problems, such as the "last mile" of cold chain distribution. Due to the imperfect cold chain system, the phenomenon of "chain broken" and "cold removal" in distribution affects the quality and safety of fresh products.   How to solve the last mile cold chain transportation problem?   First of all, compared to other logistics areas, the "speed" of fresh food and take-out meals is standard, and the requirements for cold chain distribution timeliness are part
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Solution: Tricycle With a Refrigerated Box

How to Change Your Traditional Three-Wheeler Into a Refrigerated Tricycle

Solution 1:

Kingclima removable cold transfer box can be fixed on trucks, vans, and tricycles.

Powered by the vehicle’s 12V battery, work independently by means of a power pack, or powered by 230V mains power in a warehouse, the box is versatile and reliable.

Kingclima cold transfer boxes are available in sizes, and can also be customized in accordance with your needs and requirements.


Features of Kingclima removable cold box:

  1. Removable cold box, versatile and flexible.
  2. Electric-driven, eco-friendly, low fuel consumption;
  3. Precise temperature control, instant digital readout;
  4. Low energy consumption, save you 4 digit costs per year.




Solution 2:


Tricycles, being versatile, flexible and efficient,  are very popular in urban delivery. The refit of refrigerated tricycle is quick and easy, so it is a top choice for a new starter of cold chain delivery. But what should we do to change a traditional tricycle into a refrigerated one? Let’s see our customer Seb’s solution.

Seb’s has a 12v traditional fuel tricycle. He delivers dairy products and needs to cool the cargo box to 0 to +5°C.

As you can see, his tricycle is small, so we suggested that the compressor needs to be installed next to the engine, and the compressor needs to be connected to the engine pulley to drive the compressor.

We designed and manufactured a refrigerated box according to the size of his tricycle. The box is 2.2X1.5X1.2 m big, can carry about 4 cubic meters of cargo.

Then we recommended our roof-mounted B-200 engine-driven reefer units, whose cooling capacity is about 1700W(0℃). B-200 is quite tiny and light, it was installed in the customized refrigeration box perfectly.

The power of the B-200 refrigeration unit is 300-400w, and the customer will use it 4-6 hours per day, and there is only a 12V 48Ah battery in the car, so he needs to install a 150A battery to ensure its working time. The customer is very satisfied with this solution.

We are very professional in refrigeration units and refrigerated boxes for trucks, trailers, and vans. We can customize a perfect cooling solution according to your needs. Choose us, invest for your success.

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Refrigerated Box

Why is the Cooling Effect of My Truck Refrigeration Unit Getting Worse?

Many cold chain transport participators would find that the cooling effect of their refrigeration unit dwindled after using the product for a period of time. When trying to figure out the fault, they will find no breakdown in the machine. So, what is the reason for the deterioration of the refrigeration effect of refrigerated trucks?

There are usually two reasons:

First, loose pipes and leakage of refrigerantThe problem is not easy to detect but fatal, as a chronic disease to your refrigerated trucks. The refrigeration system of refrigerated trucks is different from refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold storage because the working environment of refrigerated trucks determines that the refrigeration system should always follow the movement of the vehicle. Long-term running of refrigerated trucks, especially under a bad road condition, which is full of bumps and jolts, will surely cause the loosening of various components, including pipelines. The result of the loosening is the leakage of the refrigerant, which leads to insufficient refrigeration capacity of the refrigerating machine, so it is inevitable that the refrigeration effect is getting worse and worse.


The second reason is dirtMany customers have never cleaned the inside of the refrigerated truck and the condenser. Many of us may clean the filter of home use AC once a year, and the same should go for the truck refrigeration system.

Remember to clean your cargo box and the condenser after loading and unloading. Many condensers are equipped with fans to dissipate heat. The consequence of not cleaning for a long time is that they are piled up with catkins, leaves, dust, etc. Over time, fatal problems could be incurred.

Regularly check whether the components and pipelines of the refrigeration system are loose, and clean the box and condenser to keep your refrigerated truck working in the best condition.


Kingclima, founded in 2002, is one of the top truck refrigeration unit and refrigerated truck body manufacturers in China. Professional, reliable and competitive price, Kingclima refrigerated truck box is born for your success.


Why Precooling Before Loading

  Precooling, the rapid removal of heat from freshly harvested vegetables, allows the grower to harvest produce at optimum maturity with greater assurance that it will reach the consumer at maximum quality. Precooling benefits the vegetable by slowing the natural deterioration that starts shortly after harvest, slowing the growth of decay organisms and reducing wilt by retarding water loss. 

  Precooling can be divided into hydrocooling, contact icing, vacuum cooling, and air cooling. The preferred method of precooling varies according to the characteristics of the cargoes. In hydrocooling the vegetable is cooled by direct contact with cold water flowing through the packed containers and absorbing heat directly from the produce. In contact icing crushed ice is placed in the package or spread over a stack of packages to precool the contents. The vacuum cooling process produces rapid evaporation of a small quantity of water, lowering the temperature of the crop to the desired level. Air cooling involves the exposure of vegetables to cold air; the air must be as cold as possible for rapid cooling but not low enough to freeze the produce exposed to the direct air blast. (via. Britannica)

As is shown in the excerpt above, precooling is a very important step in cold chain transportation. Both cargoes and refrigerated boxes need to be precooled before uploading. The purpose of cargoes precooling is to reduce field heat and retain the freshness of temperature-sensitive cargoes; And for refrigerated boxes, precooling can help make a suitable temperature for perishable goods in advance and improve the efficiency of delivery. If you start delivery without doing precooling, the energy consumption of your truck reefer unit could be increased and thus cost you more and cut your profit. In a worse situation, irreversible harm could be done to your goods.

Kingclima truck reefer unit can cool your refrigerated boxes to minus 30 degrees within 1 hour. Having a built-in standby system, Kingclima truck refrigeration unit can work independently during uploading and unloading, which can help you deliver cargoes faster and safer. Kingclima refrigerated boxes are made of Polyurethane foam and fiberglass. Being well insulated, this refrigerated box can keep your cargo at set temperature all the way.

Being a leading manufacturer in truck reefer unit industry, Kingclima is famous for its high-quality reefer units, stable performance, and professional service. Guaranteed by CE certification, Kingclima reefer units are safer and more reliable. If you want to learn more details about precooling and truck reefer units, please leave your message below or send us an e-mail, it is a pleasure for Kingclima to provide professional guidance and training for our users and partners.



How to Fix Your Refrigerated Truck Body

Harms can be done to the truck body in the transporting, resulting in the damage of temperature-sensitive goods. So, it is very important to fix your broken truck boxes in time to avoid losses caused by cargo damage.

The internal side of refrigerated boxes is often made of fiberglass, and the sandwich panels are made of polyurethane insulation material. There are three kinds of damage that can be seen in the refrigerated truck bodies:


  1. Scratches and cracks on internal and external skin of the box;


  2. Insulation layer is broken;


  3. Box surface


Repair Measures:

(1) Scratches and cracks on the internal and external skin of the box

Refrigerated boxes outer skin scratches and cracks will directly affect the appearance of the compartment body, and if the scratches and cracks are too deep, the insulation layer could be damaged. When repairing, you should first grind the scratch or crack into the rough surface, then coat mixed putty evenly on it, wait for the putty to dry after repair grinding to smooth, and finally spray paint on it.

(2) Insulation layer broken

The insulation layer is broken, caused by the impact or other reasons, which is very likely to make the cold air leak. Its repair method is to cut the broken part (as small as you can) on the insulation layer and make an insulation panel of the same size. Place it in the cut hole, wait for 1 to 2 hours till the glue dry, spray paint on the surface.

(3) Box surface stripped.

The compartment inner and outer skin-stripping or bulging, is blamed on the compartment plate production process, the skin and insulation layer between a small amount of gas failed to timely discharge, resulting in the skin and insulation layer can not being completely bonded. This phenomenon is easy to cause the whole piece of skin completely stripped, serious words will affect the insulation effect. The repair method is more in the middle of the compartment plate stripping position drill an 8mm small hole, with a glue gun will unsaturated polyester glue into it, the use of external force will be tightened, be completely cured glue, and finally spray paint treatment.



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