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Refrigerated trailer is a flexible cold chain transport tool, which costs low and earns more. Being versatile, refrigerated trailers are suitable for both urban and rural delivery. Kingclima provides customized solutions and professional consultations, creating your own mobile cooler trailer!
Kingclima transportation refrigeration units have been exported to the world.
Hot sales One complete Set of Solution for Fridge Cooler Trailer From Kingclima
Hot sales One complete Set of Solution for Fridge Cooler Trailer From Kingclima
    Kingclima recently produces a complete cool trailer with cooling units to meet the requests from Africa, Australia and North America. The complete cool trailer likes one mobile fridge, it can be placed anywhere with small space, now we produce the freezer cooler with 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet length.     For cooling unit: Compare to Germany Govi and Kingtech refrigeration units, our cooler trailer cooling units are the same quality as them but with better price, we use imported EMBRACO compressor with big cooling capacity, and with 134a or R404a refri
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Kingclima Hot Sale K-10ft Cooler Trailers Refrigeration Unit for Family Events Shipped to Abroad
Kingclima Hot Sale K-10ft Cooler Trailers Refrigeration Unit for Family Events Shipped to Abroad
    Product introduction With our industrial strength in transporting refrigeration products, our trailer coolers are suitable for many fresh or frozen applications.   The versatile and innovative design makes our trailer cooler area to offer a low-cost alternative solution for refrigerated vans or trucks, and also can be customized according to your requirements, shelves, doors, etc.   Lightweight composite board structure and professional Engineering technology provides better service with many years for our customers.   Our company
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K-ft series refrigeration units used for small movable trailer
K-ft series refrigeration units used for small movable trailer
  Our hot selling products K-ft series refrigeration units used for small movable trailer, its refrigerating capacity from -20℃-0℃.     Our customer Air.P company is a professional distributor of refrigeration units in Australia. This cooling trailer units mainly used for 10feet by 6X6 mobile trailer, our customers can refrigerate or freeze food when holding various parties outdoors or family events. This cooling unit is like a mobile small refrigerator, which can be used in restaurants, hotels, or other mobile places.   This unit is an integrated unit
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Model Application Temperature Range Voltage Driven Type
K-2000 75-105m³ truck box -20℃~30℃ DC12V Independent diesel engine drive unit with electric standby
K-8ft 8 feet mobile trailer -20℃~30℃ AC115V, AC220V Power supply
K-10ft 10 feet mobile trailer -20℃~30℃ AC115V, AC220V Power supply
K-12ft 12 feet mobile trailer -20℃~30℃ AC115V, AC220V Power supply
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Kingclima International Operation

As the leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturer, Kingclima has made a global operation strategy since its foundation in 2002. Committed to the research, development, and export of vehicle refrigeration equipment for 20 years, we play an important role in the international cold chain transport industry.



Kingclima Global Partnerships

Kingclima has forged partnerships with leading enterprises from all over the world, like SPAL, Sinotruck, Foton, Danfoss, etc. Through win-win cooperation, we keep on upgrading. Through relentless innovation and development, we walk in the frontier of the global transport refrigeration unit industry.




Kingclima Craftsmanship

Kingclima has 6 production lines and more than 40 types of transport refrigeration unit, which has been exported to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, etc. We have earned a good international reputation through high-quality products, professional service, and good credit.


Refrigerated Tricycle

Tips for Using Your Refrigerated Trailers Efficiently


    1. Keep your trailer running in good conditions

   The condition of your trailer is a prerequisite for using it efficiently. It is very important to keep your trailer clean from outside and inside. Check your pipes, filters, and batteries often, and test your trailer refrigeration unit regularly to avoid breakdown amid delivery. The inner wall also should be cleaned often to make sure your cargoes are uncontaminated.


2. Precool your trailer box before uploading

Precooling is essential for maintaining an optimal postharvest life and minimizing the impact of the product’s senescence on its market quality. So turn on your van reefer unit for 1 hour for precooling before uploading can keep your cargoes fresh. Being fast cooling and noiseless, Kingclima trailer refrigeration units can cool your trailer boxes to minus 30 degrees within 1 hour, helping you make a successful and high-quality delivery.


3. Loading and unloading cargoes in the right way

  Check your trailer boxes before uploading and unloading to make sure the cold air won’t leak. Then upload or unload cargoes as fast as possible to block hot air out of your box. Or install a refrigeration unit with a built-in standby system, which can keep the trailer refrigeration unit working when uploading and unloading. Kingclima trailer refrigeration unit can run independently when parked, which can not only save you cost and energy, but also makes your delivery more efficient.


4. Make inspection and maintenance regularly

  It is very important to check your refrigerated trailers and refrigeration unit often. Many small glitches are easy to be overlooked and could undermine your delivery. So make sure your trailers and trailer reefer unit run in good condition is vital for a successful delivery.


5. Install a reliable refrigeration unit

  There are many different refrigerated trailers and trailer refrigeration units in the market.  Choosing a good reefer unit for your trailer can not only help you work faster and safer but also keep your refrigerated trailer stay out of harm.


Kingclima is a famous trailer reefer unit manufacture in China. Because of the high-cost performance and extraordinary quality, Kingclima van refrigeration units are preferred by drivers from all over the world. Through 20 years of development, Kingclima has now forged 6 production lines and more than 40 types of reefer units. Kingclima also provides tailor-made refrigeration units for different car sizes, vehicle types, temperature demands, etc. Having a global distributor network, Kingclima can offer you professional and instant pre-sales and after-sales service. Kingclima also provides professional guidance on installation and maintenance for free. 



As the top manufacturer of refrigeration units supplier,we can provide all kinds of refrigeration units, for trucks, vans, trailers and portable/mobile cooler boxes and mobile cooling room. Please email to, if you are ineterested to our refrigeration unit products,please let us know.
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