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Refrigerated tricycle is an economical cold chain transport tool, yet it is efficient and flexible, which makes it a top choice in city delivery. Refrigerated tricycles are widely used in foods transport, flowers transport, medicines transport, etc. Kingclima refrigerated tricycle has a competitive price and superior quality.
Kingclima transportation refrigeration units have been exported to the world.
Integrated DC Electric Refrigeration Unit B-100/B-100C
Integrated DC Electric Refrigeration Unit B-100/B-100C
   Our customer Alex is from an electric vehicle factory in Eastern Europe, which mainly produces short-distance transport vehicles. The current annual output is 1000-2000 units. These vehicles are mainly used for cold chain transportation after they enter the market. The temperature required by the customer is 4 degrees Celsius and minus 18 degrees. The required voltage is DC48V.   Our integrated DC refrigeration units B-100 is very suitable for our customer, it is full electric refrigeration units, DC powered driven (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V etc.), Cooling capacity is 60
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Kingclima B-100C pure electric fresh-keeping unit was exported to electric tricycle factory
Kingclima B-100C pure electric fresh-keeping unit was exported to electric tricycle factory
 Model: B-100C/B-100Driven Type:Battery driven unitVoltage:DC48V-96VApplication: 1-2m³box of Electric Tricycle and Fuel TricycleRefrigerant :R134a/R404a  The customer owns a small electric tricycle factory. These tricycle carriages have 1 cubic meter to pull refrigerated medicines. The temperature requires 15 degrees.   According to customer requirements, we recommend the B-100C pure electric fresh-keeping unit. We can do DC 12/24/48/60v for this unit.   The refrigeration capacity is 500-1000W, using parallel flow condenser core, copper tube aluminum evaporator
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How do motorcycles and two-wheel electric vehicles become cold chain transportation tools?
How do motorcycles and two-wheel electric vehicles become cold chain transportation tools?
  In some remote areas, when some mountain roads or remote places cannot be reached by ordinary refrigerated tricycles, cold chain transportation of two-wheeled motorcycles and electric vehicles has become a popular choice.      We have refrigerated and freezer compartments and units specially equipped for fuel motorcycles and two-wheeled electric vehicles, As shown below:   The unit is installed on one side of the lower side of the car body, and the other side is a 48v60ah battery, which can be used for 6-8 hours     The
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How to solve the problems in LAST-MILE cold chain transportation?

Cold chain transportation has become a vital part of global logistics. The development of transport technology makes it possible for people to enjoy food and medicines from all over the world. But at present, the cold chain industry is still facing the problem of “last-mile transport”.  The “chain broke” and “cold removal” in distribution affects the quality and safety of cargoes.

     So, how to solve the problems of last-mile delivery?

First of all, you need a refrigerated tricycle or refrigerated van. Compared to other cargoes, the speed is the life of fresh food and take-out meals. They require extremely high on temperatures. Refrigerated vans and electric refrigerated tricycles have shortened the delivery time and improved delivery quality. Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency, these kinds of vehicles can always bring our cargoes to the destination in a safe and quick way.

Secondly, get a set of professional cold chain transport equipment. It is understood that a certain logistics adopts full-process cold chain transportation and professionally customized fresh boxes, which can effectively lock the freshness while being recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, choose our 1.5*1*1 or 1.8*1.2*1.2 cold chain transport box with a DC-powered cooler unit. It is small in size and light in weight. Easy to move and simple to operate. Driven by electricity, this refrigerated box can be installed in tricycles and vans.  The box is made of polyurethane material, thick and solid, keep your cargoes safe all the way, fresh or frozen.

Refrigerated Tricycle

Kingclima Refrigeration Unit for Your Low Emission Transportation

The world is now facing the serious problem of global warming, which is also a challenge and pressure for cold chain transportation. Carbon emission concerns drivers and fleet managers as many governments have implemented carbon emission policies. Traditional refrigeration units are driven by diesel, which could bring massive carbon emissions. As is shown by statistics, the sales amount of traditional diesel-driven vehicles is dropping in recent years while electric ones increasing.

Kingclima has devoted itself to truck refrigeration unit manufacture since 2006. Being professional and innovative, Kingclima is always been a pioneer in the cooling reefer industry. Now, Kingclima introduces its electric van reefer unit, which can not only help you cut carbon emission volume, but also save your energy consumption.

Kingclima van refrigeration unit model B-350 is an electric refrigeration unit for all-electric cargo vans with large van boxes (12-16m³), and its lowest temperature can reach -18℃. Kingclima van refrigeration unit B-260 is designed for 4-7m³ van boxes, whose lowest temperature can be -18℃. Driven by battery, B-series refrigeration units have built-in electric compressors and can run without turning on the diesel engine. Being fast cooling and noiseless, Kingclima brings you a comfortable driving time. Driven by electric power, B-series refrigeration units are eco-friendly. Start your green trip with Kingclima!

Kingclima also supplies electric refrigerated cargo bicycles and tricycles for short transportation and a small amount of cargo. Both bicycle and tricycle are composed of three main parts: car body, refrigeration unit and frame. Boasting of its high-cost performance, Kingclima electric refrigerated cargo bicycles and tricycles are popular in North America, South America, Europe and Middle East areas. Choose Kingclima, follow the trend of the world market.

Equipped with an advanced smart controlling system, Kingclima reefer unit is safer and more efficient. LED control panel inside your cab monitors the constant load space temperature; remote control and digital readout make your trip safer. Kingclima refrigeration unit is easy to install and can be installed without changing the appearance of your vehicle.

Rich experience makes extraordinary quality. Kingclima is a reliable refrigeration unit maker and supplier; our reefer unit can be used in vehicles of any size and type. Kingclima also provides customized refrigeration solutions in accordance with your demands. Having a global distributor net, Kingclima can offer you attentive and efficient service. Please feel free to contact us, we are at your service all day long.

Kingclima is now looking for distributors worldwide, if you are interested in us or in refrigeration units, please send us an e-mail or leave your message below. Kingclima is eager to be your friend and partner.



Key Parts of a Refrigerated Tricycle


  1. Refrigeration Unit for Tricycle

Refrigerated tricycle refrigeration unit is the part that provides a constant source of “cold” for refrigerated tricycle box, generally installed to the top of the front of the container, with an air conditioner-like appearance, but with stronger refrigeration capacity than the same volume of air conditioning.

Refrigeration units are generally divided into two types, independent units and non-independent units, the difference is that the independent unit completely through another unit to generate power to maintain the work, non-independent units are completely through the engine work of the whole car to take force to drive the refrigeration work of the unit.

Refrigerated tricycle refrigeration unit selection is generally based on the volume of the refrigerated compartment and the transport of goods on the temperature requirements, to choose a different power cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit.


  1. Refrigerated car insulation compartment body

Refrigerated tricycle refrigeration unit is used for temperature control, and the role of the compartment body is to maintain the temperature. If the refrigeration unit is the provider of energy, then the compartment body is the energy store. In the three major components of the refrigerated tricycle, the refrigeration unit and insulation compartment body are the most important, removing the chassis can be used as small insulation, cold storage.

The choice of insulation compartment body generally follows a few points: good insulation performance, lightweight, solid and strong.

Refrigeration units
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