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Refrigerated van is popular in city delivery for its flexibility and efficiency. A refrigeration unit is the heart of a refrigerated van. Being a professional van refrigeration unit designer and manufacturer, Kingclima will give you the most perfect cooling solution for your van.
Kingclima transportation refrigeration units have been exported to the world.
3 Refrigeration Solutions for Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van
3 Refrigeration Solutions for Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van

Truck Frigo is devoted to electric temperature-controlled solutions with professional and rich experience. Here recently we helped customers with 3 electric van refrigeration units for Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van.

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Most popular in Europe market -B-150C/B-150 Battery Refrigeration Unit
Most popular in Europe market -B-150C/B-150 Battery Refrigeration Unit
    Description: Kingclima is a professional manufacturer of transport refrigeration units in China.Battery refrigeration unit or electric refrigeration unit is used for 3-6m³ reefer van. It needs higher requirement on energy-saving, noise control when refrigeration unit in operating, and even higher protection for vehicle generator to ensure the restart all the time to adjust with much complicated city traffic condition.Kingclima’s fresh and frozen solution for van transport refrigeration unit will meet your needs.   Based on all advantages of engine-driven v
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Integrated DC Electric Refrigeration Unit B-100/B-100C
Integrated DC Electric Refrigeration Unit B-100/B-100C
   Our customer Alex is from an electric vehicle factory in Eastern Europe, which mainly produces short-distance transport vehicles. The current annual output is 1000-2000 units. These vehicles are mainly used for cold chain transportation after they enter the market. The temperature required by the customer is 4 degrees Celsius and minus 18 degrees. The required voltage is DC48V.   Our integrated DC refrigeration units B-100 is very suitable for our customer, it is full electric refrigeration units, DC powered driven (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V etc.), Cooling capacity is 60
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Direct Driven Van Refrigeration Chiller units V-300C
Direct Driven Van Refrigeration Chiller units V-300C
  In daily life, the transportation of many goods requires freezing and refrigeration. However, due to the low penetration rate of refrigerated trucks, there are still a large amount of food, meat, fruits, vegetables, medicines, alcohol, etc. that undergo unnecessary losses during the transportation process due to deterioration.   Our customer Tik runs a dairy farm in the UK. He has 3 refrigerated trucks to transport milk to the city. The required temperature is 4 degrees Celsius. According to his van model and the number of cubic meters, we recommend our V-300C refriger
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Solutions for Customers – Cargo Vans Conversation into Refrigerated Cargo Vans
Solutions for Customers – Cargo Vans Conversation into Refrigerated Cargo Vans
Recently we helped our customers Nina from Mauritius to convert his cargo vans into a refrigerated cargo van to help him build his cold chain delivery business.   How does Truck Frigo Team Help Customer Convert a non-refrigerated van become a cold chain transportation van?   Our customer Nina is from Mauritius. His van is a traditional engine drive van. He wants to convert it to a refrigerated van, as shown in the picture below:       Solution: Integrated Van Box + Van Refrigeration Units Customized the van refrigerated box according to his
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How to solve the problem of installing refrigeration units on high-limit van vehicles?
How to solve the problem of installing refrigeration units on high-limit van vehicles?
  As shown in the figure, the height of the customer's parking garage is limited, and a unit with a height of 15 cm or less must be installed.   However, most of the van units condenser currently on the market are above 20cm in height, which cannot meet customer requirements.   The customer's van model is a 2020 Ford Transit Van traditional fuel vehicle, with 8.5-9 cubic meters and a temperature requirement of 2-7 degrees Celsius, used to transport fruits and vegetables.   According to customer requirements, we recommend our V-350 van refrigeration
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Model Compare
Model Application Temperature Range Voltage Driven Type
B-150C/B-150 3-5m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ DC12V, DC24V Battery driven unit
B-200 4-6m³ -18 ~ +25℃ DC12V, DC24V Battery driven unit
B-260 4-7m³ -18℃~+15℃ DC48V, DC60V Battery driven unit
B-350 12-16m³ -18℃~+15℃ DC48V, DC60V Battery driven unit
V-200/ V-200C 7-11m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V, DC24V Direct engine drive unit
V-300/ V-300C 10-16m³ -18℃ ~ +15℃ DC12V, DC24V Direct engine drive unit
V-350 6-9m³ -18℃ ~ +25℃ DC12V, DC24V Direct engine drive unit
V-360 7-10m³ -18℃ ~ +20℃ DC12V, DC24V Direct engine drive unit


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1. Source factory, faster, safer, cheaper. Kingclima is the source factory of van refrigeration units. Having 11 core technicians and 106 professional workers, Kingclima can offer you high-quality transport refrigeration units at a low price.

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2. 20 years of experience, good-quality products, professional services. Founded in 2002, Kingclima has devoted itself to van refrigeration unit manufacture for 20 years. Accumulated with rich experience in van refrigeration unit exporting, Kingclima can offer you professional and reliable pre-sales and after-sales services.

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3. Customized service, find the perfect cooling solution for you. As the source factory, Kingclima is able to provide customized services. We can make boxes in different sizes and refrigeration units in different capacities for your special needs, giving you a perfect cooling solution.

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Van Refrigeration Units

Electric Refrigeration Unit for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 

Mercedes-Benz Vans has officially announced that the next-generation all-electric eSprinter large van will be produced in three plants, successively starting in the second half of 2023.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is accelerating down its road to full electrification and will make all of its model ranges available with a battery-electric drivetrain. To create even greater added value for customers in the future. Mercedes-Benz Vans has teased its next-generation electric full-sized van, which has been undergoing winter testing in Sweden at temperatures as low as -30°C.

We can therefore expect the next eSprinter to offer over 300km of range in some variants, which will put it in a better position in the increasingly competitive full-sized van market in Europe.

From 2025, all new Mercedes-Benz architectures will be purely electric as the brand plans to be fully electric by the end of the decade “wherever market conditions allow”.

“Electrification” is a trend for world transporting industry. So an electric refrigeration unit is necessary for your vans.

Kingclima full electric refrigeration unit is designed for electric/battery driven cold chain transport vehicles, such as vans, trucks, trailers, and tricycles. With low energy consumption and large cooling capacity, Kingclima full electric refrigeration units can handle all kinds of temperature requirement.

We also provide custom service for customers who have special needs. As a source factory, we are looking for global distributor worldwide, and special preference and support will be given to our dealers.

Please contact us for more information about all electric refrigeration unit for Benz sprinter vans.

Tips for the Maintenance of Your Van Refrigeration Units

The refrigeration unit is the heart of a refrigerated van. The working condition of the refrigeration unit has a direct bearing on the successful delivery of temperature-sensitive cargoes. Frequent little checks and maintenance could save you a big amount of loss caused by machine breakdown and cargo damage. Now, here are some useful tips for you to maintain your van refrigeration unit.


1. There are three parts that should be checked often in your van reefer unit: battery, starter, and alternator. These three parts are used often and worn quickly, the number of stops and starts of your van refrigeration unit can influence their duration. Besides constant check and maintenance, you can install a standby system for your van refrigeration unit. Kingclima’s van refrigeration unit with a built-in standby system can not only help you prolong the life of the battery, starter, and alternator but also save your energy for the standby system can work independently when parked.


2. Heed details such as air, fuel, filter. Test your van refrigeration unit often to make sure it runs in good condition. Sometimes the cracks on your van box, fuel tank, and filter are easy to be ignored and could undermine your delivery. Moreover, inspect the hardware often. The fault of doors, tires and other hardware is fatal and easy to be overlooked. Check your van reefer unit constantly to avoid breakdown amid the trip, and don’t let details ruin your delivery.


3. Clean your condenser, air channel, and evaporator regularly. These components are pivotal and easy to be inserted, so keep them clean to prevent overheating. It is worth noting that these three parts are fragile, so you should be careful when doing the cleaning. Better clean your condenser once each season and air channel and evaporator once a month.


Kingclima has devoted itself to van refrigeration unit manufacture for over 15 years. Boasting its extraordinary quality and excellent performance, Kingcliam’s van refrigeration unit has been exported to the world. Being a professional van reefer unit designer and manufacturer, Kingclima can offer you reliable advice and guidance in the maintenance of van refrigeration units.


How to Use a Refrigerated Van Correctly

Refrigerated vans are specifically applied to the transportation and preservation of temperature-sensitive products, and the security of temperature is the key to refrigerated vans. If used or operated improperly, can lead to the damage of the cargo. So how to use the reefer van and van refrigeration unit correctly to avoid the risks associated with improper use?


Before loading, it is necessary to pre-cool or pre-heat the carriage of the refrigerated van for an hour or so. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, usually the car temperature is the temperature of the outside environment, the goods loaded into the car, the ambient temperature in the car will affect the temperature of the goods delivered, resulting in changes in the quality of the goods delivered, so before loading the refrigerated car must be pre-cooled to the required temperature.



Appropriate packaging is essential to protect the goods. Such as frozen goods, should be used without ventilation of the packing box. Because the wind blowing across the surface of frozen goods, will make the loss of moisture in the goods, thus leading to a decline in the quality of goods. For fresh goods, it is necessary to use sidewall ventilation of the packaging box. Fresh goods, due to their own characteristics, in the process of storage and transportation, need to be in a breathing state, if not well ventilated, the goods will deteriorate and damage.


The refrigeration unit must be turned off when loading and unloading goods. Many people do not close the refrigerated van refrigeration unit when loading and unloading goods, which is a very wrong operation, the principle is: when the carriage is pre-cooling, if not close the refrigeration unit, open the carriage door, because the refrigeration unit evaporator fan is working, the front of the fan is positive pressure, the back is negative pressure, so the cold air from the upper part of the carriage blowing out, and the lower part will be outside the hot air quickly sucked in, resulting in The temperature inside the refrigerated carriage rises rapidly; if the refrigeration unit is closed and then loading and unloading goods, the airflow stops because the fan is in a stop state, and the wind pressure inside and outside the refrigerated carriage is consistent, thus making the speed of external hot air transfer into the carriage relatively slow.



The use of refrigerated vans should keep the carriage floor clean. Due to the role of the evaporator fan, the air will circulate in the carriage, resulting in the ground debris or dirty things being inhaled by the evaporator fan. The role of a long time, will make a large number of impurities inhaled into the evaporator coil, thus affecting the refrigeration effect of the refrigerated van refrigeration unit.



When loading, do not pile the goods too high, must ensure that the loading height is lower than the plane position of the air outlet. If the refrigerated van air outlet in front of the goods is blocked or too close to the goods, will not only affect the transport temperature of the goods but also affect the normal work of the refrigeration unit. Because if the air outlet is blocked by the goods, the cold air can not be normal circulation in the car, will make the temperature of the goods rise. On the other hand, some of the refrigerated van refrigeration units’ defrost design is the use of cold air induction defrost, if the blockage of the air outlet, will make the defrost effect becomes inefficient.





Refrigerated Van Boxes Maintenance

If the refrigeration unit is the heart of a refrigerated van, the box body is the bone of it. To maintain a continuous temperature is as important as to cool the cargo box at a precise temperature.

A good refrigerated box body for vans and trucks is made of fiberglass and sandwich panels.

Generally speaking, the daily maintenance of the refrigerated car insulation compartment is the inspection of the outer surface of the compartment, the inspection of the inner surface of the compartment, the inspection of the internal and external corners of the compartment, the inspection of the internal floor of the compartment, and the internal lighting, refrigeration vents, etc.

First, for the outer surface of the refrigerated box, try not to make any scraping, which on the one hand reduces the anti-pressure ability of FRP, on the other hand, will make the internal polyurethane layer leak and thus reduce the insulation performance of the refrigerated van box.

Second, For the maintenance of the inner side of the refrigerated box, do not make the internal surface frozen, control the temperature in a suitable range. If the air humidity is relatively high, try to pack good refrigerated products, especially aquatic products, pack your good to reduce the evaporation of water to the interior of the refrigerated box. If the inner surface of your refrigerated box has been frozen, try to clean the ice with a de-icing shovel in a timely manner. Ice layers not only will affect the storage space of the compartment, but also increase the weight of the vehicle, and fuel consumption.

Last but not least, the maintenance of the internal electrical equipment. The electrical equipment of the refrigerated van box is in a relatively high humidity, low-temperature environment. Drivers should prevent the occurrence of various short circuits caused by exposed power lines and unnecessary damage due to the lighting equipment overheating.






With the rapid development of cold china transport, people require more and more environmental protection, in many countries logistics trucks are not allowed to enter the city. So a refrigerated van is no doubt a top choice for city delivery. A refrigerated van is convenient and flexible, especially for supermarkets, grocery stores, and pharmacies that can travel through the city along the streets and alleys.


The refrigerated van is “limit-free” in the urban areas, they can enter the basement easily, and meet the needs of the city distribution, which is the top choice for last-mile delivery. In short, as long as the temperature requirements of small goods can be transported by refrigerated van.


The refrigerated van has a streamlined appearance, with a custom refrigeration unit on top, and a custom insulation box in the cargo box using a special mold. There are also many types of refrigerated vans. Such as Jinbei refrigerated van, Foton refrigerated van, Changan refrigerated van, Iveco refrigerated van, Jiangling refrigerated van, and so on, different brands of refrigerated vans have different sizes, which ranges from 3 to 8 square. To choose the right refrigerated van according to the transport situation.


What are the advantages of the refrigerated van?

First, the refrigerated van in the city distribution when unlimited, transport also smooth.

Second, urban streets, underground garages, height restrictions, width restrictions, are easy to deal with.

Third, being small and convenient, a refrigerated van is easy to operate.

Fourth, the driving process of the refrigerated van is very comfortable, shift gears to manipulate flexible. Sedan interior, multi-functional instrument panel, seats follow the ergonomic design, steering wheel angle humanized adjustment, to bring you comfortable driving time.

Fifth, the refrigerated van is easy to start in winter, will not cause a power loss to the refrigerated van.

Sixth, refrigerated van liner type insulation design and door-in-door design, good insulation effect, the box has energy-saving lighting.

Seven, the refrigerated van uses high-quality stainless steel locks, stainless steel door frame, the compartment is surrounded by aluminum alloy wrap, very beautiful. The door in the door design, and the inner and outer two sealing tape, so that the box and the box outside the air completely isolated, the formation of air inside and outside the flow.

Eight, refrigerated van price is moderate, driving comfort is high, beautiful appearance atmosphere, high-cost performance. And refrigerated van transportation speed, low cost, convenient and fast.


Refrigerated vans have different specifications, configurations, and prices. According to their own transport situation, you can custom different refrigerated boxes, in the box to increase the corresponding facilities, such as the need to transport white meat, you can add meat hook rail, drug transport must be configured temperature and humidity recorder and printer, to facilitate the monitoring of problems in the box and records, etc. Kingclima offers a complete set of cooling solutions for the van, including the insulated box, refrigeration unit, electric standby system and relative spare parts. Free consultation and quote are available, van refrigeration units experts are at your service all day long.

As the top manufacturer of refrigeration units supplier,we can provide all kinds of refrigeration units, for trucks, vans, trailers and portable/mobile cooler boxes and mobile cooling room. Please email to, if you are ineterested to our refrigeration unit products,please let us know.
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