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Electric Refrigerated Cargo Tricycles-Detail

Electric Refrigerated Cargo Tricycles-Detail

Kingclima provides electric refrigerated tricycles with DC 48V/70V/90V voltage for the short distance temperature-controlled delivery. And there are two temps for choice: -30℃ for deep-frozen, -5℃ for fresh delivery. The electric freezer tricycle has 3 main parts, electric tricycles, refrigerated boxes and electric refrigeration units. All spare parts can be sold separately. For the electric refrigerated three-wheeler, we offer customized service to suit different market requirements and we also welcome distributors!

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Brief Introduction of Kingclima electric refrigerated tricycle:

Car body: The inner and outer skins are sprayed with steel plates, and the materials of FRP and stainless steel can also be customized. The car body is made of PU polyurethane integrated injection foaming, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 75mm, which has a good insulation effect.

Box parts: high-quality aluminum alloy edging around the box, high-quality stainless steel door locks, stainless steel hinges, aluminum alloy edging.

Refrigeration unit: The unit uses a DC rotor frequency conversion compressor, which is a battery-driven compressor specially mounted on the vehicle. It has no fuel and low maintenance costs. It has the advantages of anti-turbulence and tilting.

Frame: The five-bend frame is more sturdy, and the bumper is thicker, with high and low speed, afterburner gear, and high-power differential motors. The car body is small and can be shuttled in alleys.

Note: temperature, carriage and frame can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

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