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Fuel Refrigerated Tricycle For Philippines With 53ft³ Volume Of Interspace

Over the past two years, as COVID-19 has been raging around the world, more and more people choose to stay at home and shop online.  Therefore, the logistics distribution industry has been developing vigorously. For long-distance distribution, there are refrigerated trucks, while for intracity distribution, smaller and more convenient distribution tools are necessary. Kingclima refrigerated tricycle perfectly solves this problem.

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The Philippines has a monsoon tropical rain forest climate with high temperature, high humidity and many typhoons. The annual average temperature is about 27 ℃.

Our customer Miko operates a fish distribution center in the Philippines. Every day, he collects fresh aquatic products from fishermen and then sends them to the warehouse. After preliminary processing and sorting, they are sent to the city’s distribution center by refrigerated trucks, and then transported to various restaurants and hotels by refrigerated vehicle.

“It’s not easy, because some hotels are remote, and because the delivery is directly sent to the hotel warehouse, and some warehouse which for vehicles are not easy to enter. Of course, what I can’t stand most is the high cost of refrigerated vehicles.”

 As Miko said, the purchase price of a refrigerated car, even a second-hand refrigerated vehicle, is more than 8000 dollars, and the usual fuel consumption and the driver’s salary have become high use costs.

“Therefore, I urgently need another solution, which can be cheaper, more convenient and more efficient!”

We recommended our fuel refrigerated tricycle for him. The purchase cost of the vehicle itself is only about 3000 dollars, and the daily fuel consumption is much lower than that of refrigerated vehicles. The most important thing is that he does not need a professional driver, and every corner of the city can be covered, fully realizing the maximum economic benefits.

We recommend a box volume of 53ft³ for Miko. The tricycle weight capacity is about 500-800kg, and the internal temperature of the box can reach -25℃ ~ 20℃, which can fully meet the daily distribution needs. In addition, we have added stainless steel plates to the bottom of the box, so that in the process of daily use, it can better protect the box and reduce the friction and other losses caused by loading and unloading. Of course, the main material of the box, we chose 75mm thick polyurethane foam, which makes the heat preservation performance of the box body more superior. No matter the external temperature is 40 degrees high, or the -20 temperature cold, the temperature inside the box can be kept stable.

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