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How to run your refrigerated truck efficiently

Kingclima is a professional manufacturer of cold chain transport equipment and replacement parts. Having 20 years of rich experience, Kingclima is a mature supplier of transport refrigeration units now. Besides high-quality refrigeration units for vans, trucks, and trailers, we can also offer every customer professional advice and training service. Choose Kingclima refrigeration units, invest for your success.

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First, check your vehicle before setting out. Make sure that your box or trolley is in perfect condition and the cold air won’t leak, so as to ensure the safety of cargoes and to reduce the loss caused by cargo damage. This could save your cost and improve your profit as more as possible.

Secondly, maintain your refrigeration unit regularly. Do preventive daily maintenance to prepare for your peak season so you can handle bulk cargoes easily. Don’t let small errors undermine your business. Besides, a high-quality refrigeration unit can save you a large amount of maintenance cost.

Thirdly, install a refrigeration unit with a built-in standby system. A built-in standby system can help you cut energy consumption while parked, or during loading and unloading. In this way, you can not only save cost and energy consumption but also improve efficiency, so as to earn more profit.

Kingclima can provide you with a perfect solution for cost-effective transportation. Established in 2006 Kingclima has been dived into vehicle refrigeration unit manufacture for over 15 years, and has forged a matured and comprehensive product line for trucks, vans, RVs, and trailers in every size and type. Designed for commercial cold chain transportation, Kingclima refrigeration units are approved by CE certification, which stands for safety and reliability.

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