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Kingclima Refrigerated Semi-trailer

Kingclima is a professional manufacturer of refrigerated trailer boxes and refrigeration units for trailers. Having 20 years of experience in transport refrigeration units manufacture, Kingclima can provide you with high-quality reefer units at very low prices. Choose Kingclima transport refrigeration units, invest for your success.

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Refrigeration units and box for 8ft/10ft/12ft Travel Trailers

  • Built with the industrial strength of a transport refrigeration product, Our company Trailer Coolers are suitable for many applications fresh or frozen.
  • Versatile and innovative in design our Trailer Coolers area low-cost alternative solution to a regular refrigerated van or truck and can be customized to your requirements, shelving, doors, etc. Lightweight in Construction with Composite Panel. Engineering Technology provides a one-of-a-kind solution that is built to last for many years of service.
  • High Quality, Thermal Efficiency & Performance Our company Supply our Trailer Cooler and
  • Cooler Box in D.I.Y kit form or fully pre-assembled.
  • Our company Trailer Cooler operates with 115v – 15 Amp
  • Regular power source and can cool as low as 0°F (-18°C). 8,000 BTU of cooling power!
  • Our company Insulation panel system is competitively priced and outperforms other spray foam systems on the market.
  • Our company trailer Coolers are the Right Choice for you. Trust our Innovation.
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