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Portable Refrigerators for Pickup to Philippines

Wanna change your pickup truck or van into a refrigerated truck for fresh or reefer food? Kingclima recently launched a complete set of customized and removable cold boxes used for van and pickup. This refrigeration system includes cold boxes, electric refrigeration units and lithium batteries. The refrigerated box can be customized according to the size of the cargo box for pickup and van.

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Kingclima uses CFRT or color sheet as the material of the refrigerated box. The thickness of the insulation panels is 75mm in general, and the middle is made of PU polyurethane foam, which can play a good role in heat preservation.

The bottom of the cold box can be customized with universal wheels or brackets according to customers’ needs, which is convenient for forklift loading and unloading. We can design the top of the reefer box as a ring-mounted fastener, so that the box can be fixed into the luggage container and prevent the reefer box from shaking back and forth during transportation.

The motor unit DC48V/60V can be designed inside the box or top mounting on the box, that the temperature in the refrigerated box can reach from -25℃ to 0℃adjustable. If you need, we can also equip lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries at a favorable price. The size of the battery depends on the time you want the refrigeration unit to work.

The size of the refrigerated box can be customized according to your needs, and then matched with our appropriate electric refrigeration unit to meet the needs of various pickup trucks and vans.

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