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Solutions for Refrigerated Meat Transportation for Irish Customers

Our customer Josh operates a food transportation company with more than 20 small van vehicles in Irland. With the expansion of business scale and scope, Josh needs to transfer his fleet into a refrigerated one. So he comes to us for van refrigeration solutions. We designed a movable logistics refrigerator box for him.

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Ireland has a mild and humid climate, which is a typical temperate marine climate. The climate is stable throughout the year, about 4-7 ℃ in winter and 14-17 ℃ in summer.

Josh’s fleet is ordinary vehicles and has not been transformed into refrigerated vehicles. Because there are some businesses for transporting ordinary food, it is unrealistic and costly to transform all vehicles into refrigerated vehicles. Therefore, according to his needs, we designed a movable logistics refrigerator box for him. Its biggest feature is that it is easy to load and unload and has a strong refrigeration effect. When you need to transport refrigerated products, you only need to put the refrigerator box into the van, connect the battery and turn on the machine to realize cold chain transportation.

Compared with the traditional refrigerated vehicle, it is easy to carry, and you don’t have to modify your vehicle. When you need your vehicle to transport refrigerated goods, just put the box in. When you don’t need to transport refrigerated goods, you can put the box in the warehouse to change it into small cold storage.

Our design can make its temperature reach – 25 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. It can be fully competent for transporting vegetables or ice cream. As for the volume of the box, we can design it according to the actual size of your vehicle, maximizing the space of the vehicle and improving the space utilization rate.

We use 75mm thick polyurethane foam as the main material of the box, its thermal insulation performance is stronger, and the bearing capacity is superior, this material is generally used for the modification of large trucks. Moreover, in order to improve the service life of the box, we have added a layer of stainless steel plate at the bottom of the box, which is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof.

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