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SUPER 1000 Self-Powered Diesel Refrigeration Units Exported to UAE

Kingclima Super series refrigeration unit is a self-powered diesel engine drive truck refrigeration system. The popular Super 1000 diesel engine drive units that are sold to UAE are suitable for 35-55m³ truck body boxes. Kingclima exports about 200 diesel engine drive units per year. Kingclima adopt an advanced configuration which is suit for high-temperature areas such as UAE, Egypt, Kuwait and so on.

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The main components of our Super 1000 independent self-powered truck refrigeration unit are:

Condenser and ultra-thin evaporator unit components (they are integrated together), Perkins engine, lower noise and harshness during operation.

German GEA Bock compressor FK40/390TK (engine-driven compressor)

Digital control system in the cab

standard with electric function (AC220V or AC380V optional)

And the other parts we use are the same quality as Carrier and Thermoking.


Compared with Carrier Refrigeration King, Kingclima Supe-series independent diesel refrigeration units have the following advantages and characteristics:

Firstly ,the integrated self-powered diesel truck refrigeration system is equipped with an independent diesel engine and a large electric motor. It solves the needs for chiller and freezing of medium-sized trucks/trailers during long-distance transportation. When your truck is parked or unloaded, the diesel refrigeration unit can continue to work.

Secondly,we use a two-stage diesel engine to improve fuel efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, while working more with less fuel and cost. It will be more economical and cost-effective in the long run.

Thirdly ,the high-quality Perkins engine imported has lower noise and harshness during operation.

Kingclima can offer you the various suitable solution with high quality and best price for cold chain transportation.

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