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Truck Refrigeration Solutions for the SAIC MAXUS LDV80/LDV90 Truck

In recent years, the trucks LDV80 and LDV90 manufactured by SAIC Maxus are very popular in Australia. Kingclima has provided an Australian customer with a complete set of truck refrigeration systems for LDV80 trucks, including 3.2M*2.48M*2M refrigerated boxes and K-560S engine-driven refrigeration units with an electric standby unit.

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Because the space next to the engine of the LDV80 truck is very small, it is impossible to install another compressor directly. Our solution is to equip a compressor bracket and a small compressor for the air conditioner separately. Replace the original LDV80 vehicle-mounted compressor with a refrigeration unit K-560S cooling unit using TM/QP16 compressor, which perfectly solves the space problem of installing the compressor.

A complete set of refrigeration solutions from compressor bracket, unit and refrigerated box fully meets the needs of the SAIC MAXUS LDV80 truck. After the customer receives it, they only need to install the unit on the LDV80 truck, and then the refrigerated box body is fixed to the LDV truck’s beam, the installation is very simple.

This refrigeration system solution can be used on any LDV80 and LDV90 cold field truck made in China. The size of the truck body box can be customized according to customer requirements, and then we recommend a suitable truck reefer cooling unit with electric standby to meet your different needs.

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