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V-350 Van Ultrathin Refrigeration units–Direct Driven Units

Kingclima has been devoted itself to van refrigeration units manufacture for 20 years. Being the leading supplier and the source factory, Kingclima has exported its reefer units all over the world. Having established steady customer groups in both domestic and abroad, Kingclima is able to offer high-quality transport refrigeration units and professional services. We also provide customized reefer units, so as to fulfill all your demands and needs, giving you a perfect cooling solution.

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Kingclima V-350 ultrathin van refrigeration unit is designed for city delivery. Facing complicated city traffic and height limitations, Kingclima introduced the V-350 ultrathin van refrigeration unit. Vans installed V-350 ultrathin van refrigeration units can shuttle freely on city roads without worrying about height limitations. Kingclima also provides customized service, making refrigeration units for vans, trucks, and trailers in accordance with your demands. Approved by CE certificate Kingclima refrigeration units are safer and more reliable; Being the source factory, Kingclima is faster and cheaper.

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