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Why Precooling Your Refrigerated Truck Before Loading

Precooling is a very important step in cold chain transportation. Both cargoes and REFRIGERATED TRUCK BOXES need to be precooled before uploading. The purpose of cargoes precooling is to reduce field heat and retain the freshness of temperature-sensitive cargoes; And for refrigerated truck boxes, precooling can help make a suitable temperature for perishable goods in advance and improve the efficiency of delivery. 

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Kingclima truck reefer unit can cool your boxes faster. Having a built-in standby system, Kingclima truck refrigeration unit can work independently while parked, or during uploading and unloading, which can help you make a successful delivery with higher efficiency and lower cost. Kingclima got your cargoes and business in a safer way. Being a leading manufacturer in the truck reefer unit industry, Kingclima is famous for its high-quality reefer units, stable performance, and professional service. Guaranteed by CE certification, Kingclima reefer units are safer and more reliable.

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